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Er zijn al 1.720.265 stenen verkocht.
Koop stenen Er zijn al 1.720.265 stenen verkocht.

 Princess Máxima Centre

Giving children with cancer the best care and undertaking additional research so that even more children can be cured.  This is what it’s all about!  Currently 75% of the children recover from cancer. That’s not enough! With the building of the Princess Máxima Centre, this could become 95%!  So here’s how you can add your building brick!

By building what would be the largest children’s cancer centre in Europe, the top Dutch researchers would no longer be working in seven different locations but they could combine forces in one spot – the
Princess Máxima Centre – in Utrecht, close to the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital. In addition, the Princess Máxima Centre would work together with the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in the USA and become a huge attraction for specialists throughout the world.

In short, by building the Princess Máxima Centre we could be taking a very important step forward in the battle against child cancer.

Buy a building brick or start a fund-raising event

You too can contribute to the building of the Princess Máxima Centre by buying a building brick for just Euro 5.00.  Naturally you need not limit yourself to one brick! In fact, the more bricks you buy the better! Once having bought a brick, your name will be projected on the Wall of Name in the Princess Máxima Centre. In addition you will also be entered for a special lottery with as many as 25,000 prizes. 

If you do not want simply to buy a building brick but would like to make a further contribution – that’s possible! Why not organise a fund-raising event and then buy building bricks with the collected funds. You could bake and sell cakes, organise a tennis tournament or arrange sponsorship of the goals at the football club. In fact, there are endless fund-raising opportunities for you to add your building bricks.

Especially for children: Buy building bricks with deposits on empty bottles

Naturally we want to give children the possibility to add their own building bricks.  For them a special fund-raising event has been organised whereby empty bottles can be collected and bricks bought with the returned deposits.  Almost all supermarkets are involved and – to make it even more fun – participants get their own page on our website where there will be lists of how many building bricks they have bought from the returned deposits. So, if you shortly find children knocking at your door, do not hesitate – give them your empty bottles!

Put it on Facebook, download the KiKabouw-App

The more people that know about this – the better!  So let all your friends on Facebook know that you have bought a building brick or are starting a fund-raising event. With the special KiKabouw-app you can see which of your friends have bought building bricks, how many they have bought and thus who becomes the ‘Champion building-brick buyer’.

KiKa Involvement

Before the first pile of the Princess Máxima Centre can be driven into the ground, a large amount of money must be collected obviously for the building works themselves but also to ensure that the centre will function optimally.
The government and the pharmaceutical industry will not be providing any funds towards the building of this centre.  Subsequently KiKa is committed to the need to raise money. KiKa has striven for over ten years for more research into child cancer and rises happily to this challenge!

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